About Us

With over 20 years of industry experience, HITLOCK ADHESIVES INDIA has risen to become one of the most reliable adhesive manufacturers and suppliers in the country. We go beyond adhesives and sealants manufacturing by working closely with our customers to produce and continuously refine the solutions and the products they require. As a leading adhesive manufacturer, we know that every company has their own specific requirements and applications. With our experienced chemists, we have been successful in providing specialized solutions that meet our customers' demands. Not only are all our products manufactured to a very high quality standard but they are also manufactured to standards defined by our customers.

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Hitlock develops products that are not only adhesives, but solutions to industry challenges. In many cases, these challenges are long standing obstacles to attaining industry goals and objectives. Our products serve specific purposes for each of the customers that use them, improving quality and efficiency while providing cost benefit.

Hitlock serves multiple markets and industries. Our adhesives find diverse spectrum of applications in products right from Disposable Syringes to Space Vehicles. Within each of these industries, Hitlock is at the forefront of product Innovation. And, while each industry is different, our purpose to overcome product and industry challenges remains consistent.

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Our success in this industry goes back to nearly quarter of a century, and we’re developing products for the next century today.

We understand that your business requires unique and highly durable products and we’ve developed some of the best.

All in all, Delivering value in terms of meeting and exceeding the highest demands of our customers and providing solutions that match superior quality standards for maximum performance, has been a key growth driver for us. We believe in co-creating value with our customers and partners.

Technology Partner:

Best of European Technology now in India


Chemence stands at the forefront of technology for both industrial and consumer uses and applications. With its R&D and corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia and outside of London, England, Chemence is a worldwide leader in specialty chemicals developing products that provide innovative industry solutions and superior performance.

Chemence's superior innovative industrial adhesive technologies have been designed to ease the assembly process and to enhance productivity by reducing manufacturing times and costs. With strict adherence to quality standards and customer requirements, our professional solutions provide sustainable, eco‐friendly solutions to modern manufacturing processes.