Gasket Sealants

About the product

Gasket sealant is a sealant between two flanges assembled with screws. The sealant completely fills the space between the flange surfaces, thereby preventing the escape of gaseous or fluid materials in composite machine parts or pipe connections.

Hitlock provides sealant products in a range of varieties for this specific application. Slow-curing connections are possible, as is high-strength or highly flexible anaerobic gasketing.

Key characteristics

  • Single-component
  • Fills all voids – no fine surface finish needed
  • No shimming – no need for re-torquing
  • Excellent instant seal
  • Permits disassembly

Benefits of Gasket Sealants

  • Fast cure and high strength that eliminates flange re-tightening.
  • A full range of viscosities for various gap-filling requirements.
  • Fast cure speeds for quick pressure testing
  • High-temperature resistant products available.
  • Dismantleable and permanent gasketing grades, expanding project versatility.
  • Excellent flexural and vibration tolerance with no loss in seal integrity.
  • Liquid sealant provides greater surface-to-surface contact than mechanical fasteners.
  • Resistant to oils, solvents and other surface treatments.
  • Wide temperature range; from 55 to 230°C
  • Gap fill capability from interference fits up to 0.5mm.

Anaerobic / Silicone