Pre-Applied Compounds

About the product

With its commitment to innovations & quality, Hitlock has formulated pre-applied threadlockers and thread sealants. These adhesives are designed for excellent resistance to vibration loosening on any threaded fastener, such as nuts in various automotive applications including suspension systems, chassis, powertrain and interiors. A complete range of products for specific customer applications is available with varying strengths, temperature resistance and gap filling properties.

The pre-applied range contains micro-capsules within the coating. When the components are assembled, the micro-capsules get crushed and release the liquid adhesive which cures similar to an anaerobic adhesive.

Key Characteristics

  • Bright colour coding on threaded components to optimize and implement systems such as poka yoke and 5S
  • Resists Vibrations
  • Locks & Seals all coated threads
  • Reduces inventory cost
  • Extreme ease of use
  • Complete safety in handling of coated components

Benefits of Pre-Applied Range of Products

  • Friction diminishing formula – Assembles easily with common hand tools
  • Multiple Re-Usability – Components can be easily adjusted, removed and re-used
  • Chemically resistant – Exhibits excellent resistance to oils, solvents, fuels, and gases
  • Long shelf life of 4 years, once applied on component
  • Available in variety of strengths and viscosities based on application requirements
  • Also available in variety of colour for easy identification
  • Fast fixture times for online low pressure testing

Product Chemistry / Techology: Anaerobic