Thread / Pipe Sealant

About the product

The Hitlock products used for pipe sealing need to be particularly reliable in order to prevent the escape of gases and fluids.

Anyone who needs professional products to seal pipes, joints and other pipe sealing applications will find the perfect solution for every job and material with Hitlock.

Characteristics of an anaerobic seal with Hitlock

Anaerobic materials for pipe sealing harden to insoluble plastic fillings and provide protection from leaks. With this type of pipe sealing, anaerobic single-component fillers fill the microscopically small gaps between the interlocking threads and polymerise to a tough solid on contact with metal when air is excluded.

Hitlock offers products especially for use with metal and stainless steel, providing a slow-curing seal for readjustment of the connections and a medium strength pipe sealing.

Benefits of Thread / Pipe Sealant

  • PTFE based formulations for durable, long-term sealing.
  • Inert cured material; resistant to acids, solvents and glycol based products.
  • Multiple viscosities; to seal both fine and coarse threads.
  • Fast cure speeds for quick pressure testing; instantly sealing to 1000psi (70bar).
  • Dismantleable and permanent sealants that increase project versatility.
  • 100% leak-free pipe sealing even with mis-threaded pipes.
  • Final cure strength that exceeds that of most pipe materials.
  • Resistant to oils, solvents and other surface treatments.
  • Wide temperature range; from 55 to 230°C
  • Gap fill capability from interference fits up to 0.5mm.
  • Seals, bonds and locks with one product.

Product Chemistry / Techology: Anaerobic