Find your solution: There are various application areas for our adhesives. Select the best bonding, locking, retaining, sealing solution to fit your application needs.

Hitlock threadlocker is a reliable way to prevent the release or loosening of thread joints due to mechanical vibrations or environmental factors such as [...]

  • Single-component
  • Clean and easy to apply
  • Resists vibration
  • Locks and seals all threads
  • Reduces inventory costs
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The Hitlock products used for pipe sealing need to be particularly reliable in order to prevent the escape of gases and fluids [...]

  • PTFE based formulations for durable, long-term sealing.
  • Inert cured material; resistant to acids, solvents and glycol based products.
  • Seals, bonds and locks with one product.
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With its commitment to innovations & quality, Hitlock has formulated pre-applied threadlockers and thread sealants. [...]

  • Bright colour coding on threaded components to optimize and implement systems such as poka yoke and 5S
  • Resists Vibrations
  • Locks & Seals all coated threads
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Hitlock Retaining Compounds secure bearings, bushes and cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts. They achieve maximum load transmission capability [...]

  • Enhanced torque resistance over mechanical joining.
  • 5 times greater load carrying capacity than mechanical jointing methods.
  • Seals, bonds and locks with one product.
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Gasket sealant is a sealant between two flanges assembled with screws. The sealant completely fills the space between the flange surfaces, thereby [...]

  • Single-component
  • Fills all voids – no fine surface finish needed
  • No shimming – no need for re-torquing
  • Excellent instant seal
  • Permits disassembly
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Hitlock cyanoacrylate adhesives bring a wide variety of performance benefits to the production environment. These benefits include joining dissimilar and [...]

  • One-part adhesive chemistry speeds application.
  • Join dissimilar materials, such as rubber to metal, with no compromise in bond strength.
  • Gap fill up to 0.5mm
  • Solvent free
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Hitlock structural acrylic adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials. The rapid, room-temperature cure coupled with high strength [...]

  • Magnet bonding (particularly for electric motors)
  • Composite Assemblies
  • Rear view mirror attachment
  • Can be used for substrates such as PVC, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Fiberglass, PBT, PPO...
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Hitlock UV-curable adhesives are single part, cure on demand adhesives suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates. Upon exposure to UV light, Hitlock [...]

  • Cure on demand - allows proper alignment of components before bonding.
  • Speed - increase production by simply adding more lamps to the line.
  • Single part product - No mixing required.
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Hitlock manufactures several types of flexible adhesives to meet the growing demands of [...]

  • Excellent moisture / whether / environment resistance
  • Room temperature cure
  • Single component
  • Excellent sealing properties
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